How to Use Meta AI on WhatsApp

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AI is the new revolution in the field of technology and WhatsApp again took the advantage by providing the Meta AI features on WhatsApp application. User can access it very easily and will take benefit as per their need.

You just need to share your query with AI and a relevant response will appear on your window without spending much time on searching and browsing. Meta AI also share relevant links with you to get more details and for reference.

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WhatsApp Meta AI Playbook

Below is the step by step guide to user Meta AI feature on WhatsApp.

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and go to a chat or start a new conversation by meta search box or clicking on Meta AI symbol available

Step 3: Type “@ Meta AI” in the chat box to invite meta to the conversation.

Step 4: You can ask any question or provide task like “What’s the weather like today?” or “Write a short story on ABC topic” or “write step wise guide on XYZ”

Step 5: Meta AI will respond briefly with helpful and accurate information as per your query

Step 6: Continue chatting with Meta AI as and when needed!

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Pictorial View

Meta AI Search Bar
Meta AI Button

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Hopefully, above steps will be helpful for you to use Meta AI on WhatsApp, please refer this article in your circle as well to educate them. Keep visit our website to get accurate and relevant information related to whatsapp and also to join whatsapp groups as per your choice.

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