How to Use Meta AI on WhatsApp

AI is the new revolution in the field of technology and WhatsApp again took the advantage by providing the Meta AI features on WhatsApp application. User can access it very easily and will take benefit as per their need. You just need to share your query with AI and a relevant response will appear on … Read more

WhatsApp Privacy Checkup Features

WhatsApp is the very popular and trusted messaging app in the world, which is not just used for personal or informal communication while as also used for professional communications. When millions of people using this app than the privacy of user’s data is also the utmost and critical matter. WhatsApp is not reckless on it … Read more

Stop Strangers from Calling You on WhatsApp [Mute/Block Silenced voice call on WhatsApp]

Are you tired of strangers calling you on whatsapp and want easy solution for this problem, don’t worry! today’s article is all about tackling these concerns.  Receiving silenced unknown calls from unknown international and local numbers on WhatsApp has become a growing concern, particularly among users in India and surrounding countries.  As per our research … Read more