Stop Strangers from Calling You on WhatsApp [Mute/Block Silenced voice call on WhatsApp]

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Are you tired of strangers calling you on whatsapp and want easy solution for this problem, don’t worry! today’s article is all about tackling these concerns. 

Receiving silenced unknown calls from unknown international and local numbers on WhatsApp has become a growing concern, particularly among users in India and surrounding countries.  As per our research and analysis based on affected user’s experiences, these calls mostly originating from countries like Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Malaysia and often lead to various scams and fraudulent activities.

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This article aims to address this issue by providing practical tips on how to protect yourself from unwanted calls and possible scams on whatsapp by providing you a real life scenario happened to one of our friend and how she remained safe by this scam.

What are the Reasons of Stranger Calls on Whatsapp

 The primary motive behind these calls is to commit scams and frauds. scammers often trap individuals with promises of rewarding job opportunities or prizes, only to deceive them into sharing personal information or sending money, resulting in financial losses and privacy breaches. They trap innocent users with fake promises by pretending them representative of fake organizations.

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Protective Measures to avoid strangers calls on whatsapp [Disable silenced voice call on whatsapp]

Exercise Caution: The first line of defense against such calls is that we should avoid to answer such calls coming from the strangers. responding such calls can unintentionally expose you to scams and fraudulent schemes.

Verify and End: If you do answer a call from an unknown number, exercise caution and verify the caller’s identity and purpose for calling. If the caller seems suspicious or unable to provide satisfactory answers, terminate the call immediately.

Block and Report: Take proactive steps to block the number on WhatsApp to prevent further contact. Additionally, utilize WhatsApp’s reporting feature to report suspicious numbers, thereby contributing to the platform’s efforts to tackle spam and fraud.

Protect Personal Information: Under no circumstances should you disclose personal or sensitive information, such as financial details or passwords, to unknown callers. Scammers often exploit such information for illegal purposes.

Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with the latest scamming techniques and fraud trends to recognize and avoid potential threats effectively. Regularly educate yourself and your peers to enhance awareness and vigilance against scams.

Review Privacy Settings: Regularly review and adjust your privacy settings on WhatsApp to restrict the visibility of your personal information to trusted contacts only. Limiting access to your profile information can serve as an additional layer of protection against potential threats.

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Real-Life Scenario about Unknown whatsapp calls

Consider the experience of a one of our friend who reported us that she receive the call from a person pretend to be the Marketing Manager of a fake lottery platform and ask her to share her personal details to receive the lottery fund which is reserved in her name.

She luckily, recognized the call as scam, blocked the contact and reported it to WhatsApp, thus safeguarding her from this scam.


In conclusion, the occurrence of unwanted calls on WhatsApp highlights the importance of safety and privacy measures we must know to keep us safe from this world of scam and to dealt with strangers calls effectively.

By adhering to the defensive measures outlined in this guide, users can strengthen their defense against scams and fraudulent activities, thereby ensuring a safer and more secure experience on the platform.

Remember, staying informed and proactive is key to protecting yourself from potential threats in the digital world.

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