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Kannada WhatsApp Group Links
Kannada Whatsapp Groups Link

After Tamil WhatsApp group links we bring you more connection opportunities for the fifth largest state of India Karnataka friendly name –Kannada. The state’s capital and largest city is Bengaluru with over nine languages spoken in the region.

In this article you will find easy access to WhatsApp groups related Kannada rich culture, language, kana and historical values that the state offers and if you have the knack to explore and adapt to one of India’s most culturally rich state then Kannada is your go to place.

The following WhatsApp chat groups are not only for people who visit the state for recreational purposes but is a full resource pack to know about Uttara Kannada Karnataka art, culture, job, entertainment, girls, friends, food, education and fun.

Must Know Facts about Kannada/ Karnataka

  • One of the first person to lead an armed rebellion against British governance was Rani Chennamma. Also known as the Heroic Queen
  • The only unit authorized to produce the Indian flag is Karnataka Khadi.
  • The Oriental Research Institute is the oldest library in India found in Karnataka
  • Mysore is also known as the first city to publish the weekly newspaper in Kannada language in 1859.
  • Rev. Garett the firs principal of Central High School constructed the Bangalore Palace in 1826.
  • Bijapur in Karatanaka has the flow of all five rivers in the district.
  • The Gomateshwar Statue is the largest Monolith statue present in Karnataka, It attracts a vast crowd of tourist in the state.
  • Bengaluru was one of the first city to generate using hydro- electric in India.
  • Karnataka is known to have the highest number of waterfalls in India

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Latest Active Kannada WhatsApp group links

Top Live Karnataka WhatsApp Group Link:

Rules and Regulations for All Kannada Whatsapp Group Link

  • Avoid to share personal information
  • join the group only if you are openly concerned in the state
  • Respect the privacy of all group members
  • Avoid to change the group name, Icon or display picture
  • Do not advertise or market any product without admin permission
  • Refrain from verbally abusing or privately messaging any other group member
  • If approached by any existing group member privately, you may report to the admin
  • Do not transact any money without verification or referral to an official website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Benefits of Joining Kannada WhatsApp Groups?

You can Explore the Language, Entertainment, Business & Employment Updates as well connect with the people living in the states and make relationship by sharing valuable content for the interest of audience.

How to join WhatsApp group without invitation?

No need to worry about the invitation, all above shared links are live and you can join these at a single click without any troubling.

Why some of the WhatsApp Group links aren’t functional?

It is quite possible that by the time you read this article, some WhatsApp group links might not be functional. The reason is change of owner or WhatsApp link redirected. Kindly mention the non-working group links so that they may be removed from the list.

Final Thoughts

This list of Top Active Kannada WhatsApp group link should certainly assist you in connecting well with others and giving you the impression of a hassle-free search for information that might be available on Facebook, Instagram, or any search engine. You can easily join these whatsapp groups at a single click and Explore the Language, Entertainment, Business & Employment Updates in the state of india.

We hope you found the list useful. If you have any questions or if you want to add another link to the list, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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