Latest Sri lanka Whatsapp Group links 2023

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Sri lanka Whatsapp Group links

Sri Lanka, also known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a beautiful country in South Asia and  It is well known for its culture, diverse wildlife, stunning beaches, and lush greenery.

If you are interested in connecting with people from Sri Lanka or want to learn more about the country, its culture, traditions, language, history and make friends from Sri Lanka, joining Sri Lanka WhatsApp groups can be an excellent option.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of some of the best Sri Lanka WhatsApp group links, explain how to join and leave groups, discuss group rules and answer some commonly asked questions.

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Group Links:

Sri Lanka Customclick here
Social Serviceclick here
Doorstep Dealsclick here
Home Appliancesclick here
Tamil storyclick here
SL Youtubersclick here
News & Updates groupsclick here
Real Friendsclick here
PUBG Srilankaclick here
Friends Foreverclick here
Online Job Srilankaclick here
Islam The Best Religion click here
Youtube channel linksclick here
Sri Lanka Modelsclick here
Galle Mobile Shopclick here
Srilankan Friendsclick here
Sri Lanka Cricketclick here
Sri Lankaclick here
Instagramclick here
Beauty Plusclick here
SLP Cyber Crimeclick here
JOBS LANKA-3click here

How to Join Sri Lanka WhatsApp Groups:

Joining a Sri Lanka WhatsApp group is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to join a group:

  • Click on the group link provided above.
  • You will be redirected to WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the “Join Group” button.
  • You are now a member of the group.

How to Leave Sri Lanka WhatsApp Groups:

If you want to leave a group, follow these steps:

  • Open the group you want to leave.
  • Tap on the group name at the top.
  • Scroll down and select “Exit Group.”
  • Confirm your choice by tapping on “Exit” again.

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Group Rules:

Before joining any group: it is essential to understand the group rules to avoid any misunderstandings. Here are some general group rules that most Sri Lanka WhatsApp groups follow:

Respect other members: Be respectful and courteous towards other members. Avoid using inappropriate language or making offensive comments.

No spamming: Do not share irrelevant content or spam the group with unnecessary messages.

No personal attacks: Avoid making personal attacks or insulting other members.

No promotions: Do not promote products, services, or businesses unless the group explicitly allows it.

No political discussions: Avoid discussing political issues to maintain a peaceful environment in the group.


Q: Are these Sri Lanka WhatsApp groups safe to join?

A: Yes, these groups are safe to join. However, it is crucial to follow the group rules to avoid any issues.

Q: Can I join multiple Sri Lanka WhatsApp groups?

A: Yes, you can join multiple groups. However, ensure that you can manage them and avoid spamming.

Q: How can I find more Sri Lanka WhatsApp groups?

A: you can keep visiting us as we update our list frequently and do share newly searched groups , however You can also search for Sri Lanka WhatsApp groups on social media platforms, online forums, or ask your Sri Lankan friends.


Joining Sri Lanka WhatsApp groups can be an excellent way to connect with people from Sri Lanka, learn about the country’s culture, and share your experiences. We hope that above list has served your purpose well and do share your feedback in the comment section.

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